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Sharon Wyer, Ph.D. is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and innovative educator. She takes the initiative to unite effective instructional practices and sound research in a manner that benefits individuals with a variety of learning styles and professional development needs. Sharon is an innovative professional development facilitator with a clear focus on the leadership skills necessary to enhance instructional delivery, promote cultural competency, and develop positive lines of communication. Due to Sharon's vision and wealth of research supported knowledge, Sharon has been able to deliver professional development sessions that increase understanding, positively impact diversity and cultural competency, and align with the vision and the mission of the organization.
Denelle L. Wallace, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Norfolk State University


I have had the experience of taking two Autism related classes- EDNU 9971 and EDNU 9989 with instructor Sharon Wyer, PhD through Brandman University online classes. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions that I had the opportunity to have with Sharon throughout the class durations. I felt that the assignments that she provided were appropriate and interesting. The content of the class, the presentation of information as well as the course feedback were all conducive to the learning of the course information. I feel like I have gained valuable knowledge within the subject areas.I would appreciate the opportunity to participate in another class or area of study with Sharon Wyer as the course instructor in the future. Please feel free to contact me at kristinkarslp@gmail.com for any further information.
Kristin K. Schultz, MA-SLP






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