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Website Construction

DSW Leads has designed and developed various kinds of websites for nonprofits, small businesses, and for other ventures. We work closely with clients to update your existing site to a clean, fresh, and interesting design. Or, we can start from scratch to build you a brand new site. We design the site with you, so you know what you are getting up front before the development process begins.

We also can integrate some flash elements to your design, but we are careful not to over-use flash, because we want your clients to focus on your message and not on the movement on the screen. Also, flash is an image, and text that is designed through this media does not work well with internet search engine optimization. Image based text blurs and is difficult to read. We want your text to be crisp and clear to reach your audience.

Here are 10 reasons you should consider working with DSW Leads for your next website:

1) We are cost effective and efficient. You will get a quality, visually appealing site that fits within your budget and time frame;

2) We customize your design, colors, and content to ensure quality and veracity;

3) We partner with you to make sure your marketing message gets across and aligns with your corporate goals, vision, and values;

4) We integrate video and images from your business as desired to personalize the site for your business;

5) We are mindful about the details of your site, checking to see how the site looks in multiple browsers;

6) We design a site that YOU can control, update, change and modify after the design is complete;

7) We will partner with you as you require to maintain your site if that is your need or wish;

8) If you need a database to integrate into your site or a back-end user interface we can add this feature;

9) We can work with you to design a logo and/or other marketing materials (including presentation templates) so that everything is branded in accordance with the look and feel of your business;

10) We will consult with you to continue looking for ways to market and optimize your site to help you find a niche area for your business.

Please call us for a consultation regarding your web development needs and ways we might help you make more money for your business.



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