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Organizational Development

DSW Leads organizational development processes have been used to i) recruit employees, ii) develop criteria to advance high performance teams, and iii) develop interdepartmental self-sufficiency and multi-functional teams.

DSW Leads specializes in Process Consultation.

  • We utilize specifically designed instruments and tools to evaluate an organization or department in its present state.
  • We outline clear and measurable criteria for ways organizations can leverage internal resources to move the organization or department toward prescribed outcomes.
  • We evaluate incrementally before, during, and after interventions to evaluate progress, modify as needed, and/or plan for next steps.

Process Consultation can be defined as: “The creation of a relationship with the client that permits the client to perceive, understands, and act on the process events that occur in the client’s internal and external environment in order to improve the situation as defined by the client (Schein, 1998, p.20)”.

A relatively new discipline, organizational development, (OD) is a change management strategy which has been in operation for the last forty or so years. It is based on the understanding of the behavioural sciences and is concerned with how people and organizations function and ways they can be made to function better through the effective use of human and social processes.

The organization conditions necessary for effective coping, according to Schein, are:

  • Reliable and valid methods of inter and intra-organizational communication.
  • Nimbleness within the organization demonstrated by internal flexibility and creativity to change as needed.
  • A willingness to change as demonstrated by an integrated commitment to the goals and values of an organization.
  • An internal climate of support and freedom from threat, since being threatened undermines good communication, reduces flexibility, and stimulates self-protection rather than concern for the total system.




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