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Software Applications Training

We dare say we’ve encountered every kind of software there is in our computing lives. Microsoft operating systems (sorry Mac fans!) Office suites. Graphic design and animation programs. Web, database, and desktop development tools. CAD products. Games. Utilities galore. Learning Management Systems (LMS). You name it.

We have also shared our knowledge with everyone – from students of all ages in formal classroom settings to computer-challenged friends and family members struggling to get their PCs to behave themselves and perform their appointed tasks.

If you have a software training need, we can fill it. On the off chance we don’t know your particular application, we can learn it faster than any competitor out there. We can break the learning into manageable chunks and create the materials needed to present it to students packaged for online and/or in-seat delivery. We can develop and produce any supporting documentation needed. And we can design the evaluation tools necessary to validate and continuously improve the learning system we’ve devised for you.


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