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Human Resources Training and Courses

Having served for multiple years as an HR professional, DSW Leads has a breadth of experience in designing and developing curriculum for HR professionals. We understand that effective HR Training is a bridge between effective hiring and retention of employees making them more efficient and productive.


HR Training and Curriculum that DSW Leads can develop and customize for your organization includes:

  • On-Boarding Programs & Training
  • Diversity Programs & Training
  • Policy and Procedures Programs & Training
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Strategic Thinking and Goal Setting
  • Aligned Evaluation Processes and Structures
  • Building Interpersonal Skills

While working in HR, we:

  • On-Boarded all staff including classified, certified, and administrative.
  • Administered all information related to benefits, retirement, and salaries.
  • Facilitated all professional development and in-service training for union and non-union staff both certificated and non-certificated.
  • Facilitated all hiring committees for union and non-union staff.
  • Utilized ADDIE/SAT methodologies for employee training and evaluation.
  • Communicated with staff regarding their evaluations.
  • Revised district tobacco policies and developed tobacco procedures to augment policy.
  • Constructed an e-database for systemizing salary schedules and employee credits.
  • Facilitated statewide salary and compliance reporting.
  • Worked collaboratively with other district administrators.
  • Bargained with three unions.
  • Wrote a school district's Affirmative Action Plan.
  • Directly oversaw the leadership, training, and professional development of 30 employees.
  • Were featured on a regional video for NEW ESD101 about hiring processes in school districts.





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