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Cultural Development

We work with organizations and INDIVIDUALS on a regional, national, and global basis to grow and impact organizational cultures. We believe that cultural impact is the most significant factor that influences leadership and change. In fact, we understand that organizational culture is so strong that it can overtake a leader before a leader might even understand what is happening. We believe that all parts of an organization work together to create an "integrated system." We operate within this framework to determine how each of the parts is functioning within the whole. We also specialize in working with loosely coupled organizations in which a tribal mentality develops.

All courses that we develop, all interventions we prescribe are designed to help you grow your perspective by enabling you to "pick up another lens(R)" to look at your situation from a "balcony" perspective. We have worked extensively in this area with great success providing cultural coaching to leaders in multiple industries.

Here's what what we can help you do to influence your culture:

Systematically evaluate your culture to determine structural attributes and alignment between values, standards, and organizational goals;

Use and/or design instruments to determine predominant internal perspectives and look for consistencies and/or inconsistencies;

Conduct interviews and collect data to support findings and conclusions;

Provide attributes of culture and determine points of change or growth;

Set up, conduct, and evaluate focus groups;

Design learning opportunities to support growth and/or cultural mentoring;

Facilitate group activities to build collaboration and healthy cohesiveness, especially in and for loosely coupled organizations.



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