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Corporate Training & E-Learning

First and foremost, DSW Leads holds a learning philosophy. We have helped organizations make the paradigm shift from "check the box" training to learning. We can help you do the same.

We value learning as a way of positively impacting the corporate culture and at the same time, we target ROI and build evaluation and standards that utilizes corporate values, mission and vision, and industry targets. We customize learning to meet your corporate needs and outcomes. We have done this time and time again in multiple environments on a global basis.

We also understand the impact that learning has on organizational development as a cultural agent of change. Here are some examples of what clients get when they work with us:

  • 40 years of combined experience in different industries and multiple disciplines;
  • Educational and leadership backgrounds to support that experience;
  • Customized training and support that meet YOUR needs...nothing out of the box...we evaluate YOUR situation and develop and/or customize learning opportunities to solve real problems;
  • Thorough design, development, and EVALUATION to ensure quality, veracity, and consistency with YOUR initiatives;
  • A systemic organizational evaluation to determine future goals and objectives and areas where additional training will be needed;
  • A consistent focus on ROI, high employee performance, and overall improved efficiency.
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