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Business Systems Integration

A recurring theme we’ve seen in businesses of all types is how poorly the passing of data between systems used by individual organization groups is implemented. And we understand why that is too. Each group has specific types of challenges to solve, so they purchase software or internally develop custom applications that are best suited to get their work done.

But each group is also part of a business system. The group receives input data, processes it in some way, and generates output data that is consumed by other groups. The input and output data can take all kinds of forms – printouts, spreadsheets, PowerPoint shows, drawings – the list goes on and on.

The problem is the how inefficiently the data is passed between the various software tools each group uses. Does your time and billing software talk seamlessly to your accounting package? Does your design team do material take-offs on drawing electronically or by hand? And does that data get imported directly into your cost estimating and purchasing systems, or does someone have to (gasp!) retype it by hand? Is the data generated by each application in your business system formatted properly for its intended recipients, or does someone need to edit it first before it can be imported?

DSWLeads can look at your analyze your workflows, identify its weak points, and develop custom software solutions to overcome them. The net result of these efforts is higher profits due to substantial productivity improvements (increased capacity or lower labor costs), and an often dramatic reduction in expensive mistakes. In our experience, these applications pay for themselves every time.

We are experts in this sort of work, and have written applications for clients in all walks of life. In fact, most of them have become mission critical in their daily operations.


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