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DSW Leads are leaders in course design, development, and implementation. We faithfully follow three rules in all courses we deliver. We are dedicated to providing high quality courses ready for your convenience. DSW Leads is your bridge to courses that are measurable in their quality and ensure that the time you spend learning directly benefits your work. If you view our capabilities page, you will see some of our work since January 2011.

The three rules we follow for effective course design, development, and implementation includes:

1) We design and develop courses with the end in mind before we begin. We want to know what targets or standards you want courses to meet. Our objective is final...PURPOSE FIRST!

2) We utilize the ADDIE model and Kirkpatrick's 4 Levels of Evaluation design and develop our courses. You can check out our Instructional Design page to learn more about what we have done in this area.

3) Our courses are aligned around a comprehensive set of goals. We are dedicated to a collaborative and comprehensive learning program that will strengthen employees and your organization.

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