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Presentation Design/Delivery

DSW Leads has presented close to 30 different workshops or presentations on an array of topics to multiple audiences. For most of our presentations, we have selected a topic to present, submitted a paper for presentation, and then customized the presentation to meet the needs of the participants. We have presented to groups of up to 300 people. We have presented individually to that large of a group, and we have collaborated as part of a team. For one project, we presented around the country to various sizes of audience on selected topics. We are prepared to offer whatever service you need. See the list below for our capabilities in this area:

1) Select a topic for a specific audience to present;

2) Collaborate with you on the type of presentation you need and develop the content;

3) Develop the slides as part of a PowerPoint presentation on specifically designed templates with your corporate branding;

4) Facilitate small group, mid-sized groups, and large groups of up to 500 or more people. DSW Leads will work with you to develop themes and/for large presentations or conferences or other other large events;

5) Need a Presentation Coach? DSW Leads can work with you to improve your own presentation, style, or content.


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