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Data Collection & Analysis

Do you want to improve a business process or offer a new service? DSW Leads can help you collect data and interpret the results. We will work with you to determine one of the many and various methods for collecting data, help you interpret the many uses for the data collected, and offer ways to make data assimilable by others on your team. We will work with you to develop a data collection plan, and then conduct a preliminary data analysis to identify goals, target data, definitions, and methods for the collection. We have found that the preliminary data analysis procedures are vital to ensuring an appropriate research design and methodology for the actual data collection. After we ensure the quality and veracity of the design, DSW Leads will then collect data in a way that will be easy for you to understand and capture. Finally, we will present the findings to you or your team.

DSW Leads conducts data collection and analysis through a very structured, systematic, and scientific method. Our results are published as qualitative methods (interviews, storytelling, and focus groups), quantitatively (surveys, Likert Scales, and appropriate sampling) and unobtrusively (29 research based articles). Grounded in theory and pragmatism, DSW Leads utilizes a high degree of specificity and clarity in how we approach this vital work.

Lastly, DSW Leads stands behind our methods of data collection and analysis. We will report our findings directly to our client, make sense of the data with and for the client, and make suggestions regarding how the data might be used to improve your business, offer a new service, or create clarity in problem solving.

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