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Dr. Sharon Wyer is one of the top instructional designers in the country. She has worked for close to 10 years in this industry with a myriad of clients in the education, health care, financial, and pharmaceutical industries.

Sharon has worked with a variety of Learning Management Systems and has designed, developed, and taught over 25 courses online courses. Sharon’s expertise is in engaged learning and assessment of both people and programs.

In partnership with Brandman University, DSW Leads has developed a Certificate in Instructional Design program to teach you about the field of Instructional Design. Upon completion, you will be trained as an Instructional Designer and will be able to apply for work in this arena.

DSW Leads works with different companies to meet many different needs. We worked with American Express to help them roll out a new HR software tool. We are flexible in how we work with our clients, either working on site or working virtually. Contact us to find out how we can develop training to meet your needs. We also partner with Brandman University to offer you Independent Study courses in a variety of different areas to provide robust and engaging learning solutions for you or your business.

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Welcome to DSW Leads (Leadership, Education, and Design Studio)

“We are a unique boutique instructional design, education, and leadership studio. We work with you to build and deliver the best learning programs and courses for the greatest value according to YOUR needs.”

We are:

Instructional Designers

We specialize in working with you to design and develop easy-to-understand instructional materials for training and development purposes. We explicitly understand the process of adult learning and use graphics and creative strategies to make the learning material effective and interesting. We also train you to re-design in-seat courses for online environments using a variety of Learning Management Systems. We then train you in how to use those systems.

Corporate Training & Program Developers

We specialize in working with you to assess your organizational needs and then design training solutions and assessments that align with you organizational objectives . We assess program and organizational goals designed for organizational improvement and capacity building, employee development, and ROI in a state of rapid change.

Organizational and Individual Coaches

We offer an array of coaching services and use a variety of different individual and organizational assessments and organizational development processes, many of which can be completed online or prior to program design or coaching targeted to best determine how to effectively and efficiently meet your needs. We also work with you to design, develop, and deliver employee surveys and customized assessments that can be used to identify overall employee satisfaction, and/or align your training with competencies.

Thought Leaders

We remain in the forefront regarding program design, organizational assessment, and software development that we develop and implement to help you make your organization more efficient, cost effective, and running smoothly.

Committed to Providing Robust and Timely Learning Solutions

We are dedicated to utilizing an integrated systems approach to developing the most timely and robust learning solutions for your training and/or organizational dilemmas. We are active practitioners and love our work. Contact us at Sharon@DSWLeads.com to find out how we can help you.

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